Bargain Land


Frequently Asked Questions
How does purchasing a property from your site work?

First, if you find a piece of property that you like- let us know!  We will be working to have a button that you can click to reserve this and also, please call us or email us.  We will then speak with you and help to start the process of purchasing.  

Usually, the first thing to be done is to sign a sales agreement.  We use a standard sales agreement written in simple English.  We will write a sales agreement and send it to you (usually by email).  Please look it over.  If all looks good, print it, sign it, and then return to us.  We then need to decide if you wish to purchase with help of a title company or not.  

If using a title company, we send them the purchase agreement and they oversee the sale and paperwork.  If you choose for us to close in house (which is about $1000 less expensive) then we will wait for you to send a cashier’s check to us for the purchase price.  After we receive that then we will mail the deed to the county, have the county clerk record you as the new owner, and mail you your new copy of the deed. 

 If owner financing, we will make a sales agreement with details of payment plan and send to you.  If all looks good, have the sales agreement notarized at your bank, keep a copy, and return to us a copy.  We will forward the paperwork to August REI, a loan servicing company.  They will oversee the collection of monthly payments for us (and you).  They can provide you with monthly statements as well as build your credit report.  An early pay-off of the note is never a problem.

Are you a real estate agent?

We are not real estate agents.  A real estate agent is like an introduction service to help you find a seller of real estate.  We are the seller.  So we do not need the introduction of  realtor.  We have found each other already!  We are just private individuals who have personally invested in some land and we are then trying to sell the land.  Much in the same way that a private individual can sell his or her car, we can sell our land.  A private individual does not need a car dealership to sell his car.  They can make an advertisement online or put a “for sale” sign on their car.  It is the same way with us.  As individuals and a family business- we are advertising what we have to sell.  

Can you help me look for a specific kind of property?

Yes!  If you need a certain type of property we can look to see if we have what you need.  If we do not have what you need at this time, no worries!  We get new lands for sale each month and we can stay in touch with email and let you know what new land is available.  We can’t guarantee what will be available tomorrow or next month, but there is a good chance that we will have something you like in the future.  Please stay in touch via our email newsletter or check our website monthly.

Are their any hidden fees when buying land from you?

There are no hidden fees.  We only charge a $399 fee for in-house documents related to accounting, book-keeping, and document mailing associated with a sale.  There are no other fees from us.  

Why are your properties so cheap?

We purchase our properties at wholesale prices and then add a small mark-up in price.  We don’t want to advertise land for sale for several years and wait for full market price.  We prefer to sell quickly and then move on to the next piece of land.  That is lucky for you!  You get great savings.  There is nothing wrong with the land.  We bought it inexpensively and pass on the savings to you.

How do I know if this is a safe way to purchase property?

Great question!   You can know that what you are buying is a safe way by several ways.  First, a title company can act as a neutral party to oversee the sale and purchase of a piece of land.  It is their job to oversee the transfer of your property from us to you.  They get a fee to make sure that there are no problems for you as future land-owner and even guarantee with title insurance for you for no future problems.  Secondly, with any sales, please keep a copy of any sales agreements for your records.  If there are any problems, copies of agreements or contracts are always helpful.  Third, we are not going anywhere and are reachable by phone or email.  We are growing our business and trying to generate goodwill and referalls from happy customers.  

Do you need to show me the land?

No!  In fact, we prefer if you would go and look at the land by yourself.  We are based in north Texas and it is difficult to just jump up and meet to show someone land.  It is not necessary for us to unlock a door to show you the land.  Most of the time just use our maps and addresses that are provided and drive out and look at it.  We try to provide addresses or mapping coordinates so you can use your smart phone to take you there on its map.  You can also use an app called “landglide”.  Landglide is free for a week and you can use it to walk around the land and know where the borders are.  It will show you on your phone if you are standing on the north border, south border, etc.  (helpful!!)